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fifty shades darker full movie - - ; Publisher Vintage, a division of Random House, reports U.S. sales of the trilogy are anticipated to cross 20 million copies this week. Die hard devotees can now breath a sigh of reduction as it seems you'll get to see Fifty Shades Dimmer and Fifty Shades - Freed as their own follow on films on the big screen in the end. Now it has an 18 certificate to demonstrate it, although that steaminess can be expected by us from the new 50 Shades-Of Grey picture is no surprise. During a news conference, Eddie was asked if he would ever audition to play with Christian, and when he mentioned yes, he was shot by the Fifty Shades writer down.

The headlines was declared at a Fifty Protections First devotee occasion, hosted by Sam Taylor-Wood, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Jamie Dornan has revealed that he watched - the Sex and The Town boxset to get ready for his part as Christian Grey in the coming Fifty Shades of Grey picture. The Fifty Shades" e-book series blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon, and the first movie in the franchise grossed more than $560 million world-wide, despite being largely panned by critics and crowds. And therefore the search for Christian Gray proceeds... Charlie Hunnam has pulled outshooting the film, on account of his television filming obligations.

It is also documented that Beyoncé 's song, Haunted, features towards the conclusion of the preview when the more bold scenes are shown. Fifty Shades of Gray writer E.L. James is firing back on Twitter against folks saying that the socalled Donaldtrump locker room talk" has nothing to do with her renowned book series. Other paperwork is also mentioned by him, but requires her to his play room full of BDSM toys and gear.

In a preview for the Sofia Coppola-directed film, which follows the true tale about a bunch of teenagers who were arrested in 2009 for a sequence of breaking and entering at the Hollywood houses of stars, including Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, Watson is seen stripping down to her knickers.