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Find showtimes, see previews, browse photographs, track rate and your Watchlist television programs and your favorite movies on your telephone or tablet! Dakota Johnson h AS spoken out about her role as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades-Of Gray picture - and confesses she has no problem stepping in to character for the scenes that were hot. We're, naturally, talking about actor Jamie Dornan, who'll replace Hunnam in the titular character for the forthcoming Sam Taylor Johnson-directed movie adaptation. Whilst the role of Christian Gray is securely taken by Jamie Dornan, we can't help but question what job Aaron will be getting on.

After the remarkable interludes off-set before this year, when Charlie Hunnam dropped out of enjoying billionaire playboy Christian Grey and after filming was pushed back a month, we can now safely say that as of yesterday - filming is now very much underway on the established of the hotly-anticipated film adaption of Fifty Shades Of Grey.

The mania around 50 Shades reveals no signs of abating, as Rita Ora arrives onset to begin filming (and is papped accordingly). Should you loved this article and you would love to receive more info regarding fifty shades of grey movie online please visit our web site. Previously, we noted the information that was so-called that Jamie Dornan wouldn't be starring in Fifty Shades Darker, and had discontinue Fifty Shades of Gray but be because it turns out this news is false nevertheless your twitchy pal-M.

Diehard devotees can breath a sigh of reduction as it appears you may get to see Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Free-D as their followon films on the big screen after all. That we can anticipate steaminess from the new 50 Shades of Gray film is no surprise, but now it's an 18 certificate to demonstrate it. During a news conference, Eddie was asked if he'd ever audition to play Christian, and when he mentioned yes, the Fifty Shades author shot him down over Twitter.

Sort of a trailer for the film's trailer, the mini preview exhibits Christian Gray with his back to the camera, a hand pulling up a skirt, and a door being unlocked (presumably to the Red Area of Pain?) - all while a slow version of Insane Inlove plays in the history.

That clip suggests that Jamie Dornan in fact will be returning to the franchise as Christian Gray; something that was uncertain, as both the Northern Irish actor and Dakota Johnson (who star red reverse Dornan in Fifty Shades Of Gray and was basically the only great thing in it) are nonetheless believed to be negotiating pay boosts for the sequel.